Le Guishu – Non Filtre 75cl

More discreet on the nose. A little softer, but more powerful in the sweetness. But still semi dry. In order to preserve its delicate qualities, it is less filtered. Therefore sometimes it has a slight natural deposit.
Color: Golden yellow Type: semi dry Nose: Dicreet, clear and pure. Frank like Canadian Icewine. The rose & lychee are also here but not so strong. But pear and pineapple appear. Palate: Very charming attack, round and fruity. The palate is fresh, powerful and so tasty. The final brings lots of exotic fruits.
Recommended for: it is a champion on dishes with mixed flavors, spicy, sweet and sour, sweet and salty. Also, salty dishes, dry hams, cold cuts, tapas. Most cheese.

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