Le Guishu – Assemblage – 75cl


Dry, but not extra dry, with a nice freshness. It is the only one of the range not to be 100% fermented rice. With just 20% of white wine, it is strongly marked by it. One might think of some Gewurtstraminer but less powerful and more elegant structure
Color: Greenish yellow  Type: Dry  Nose: Powerful, vinous, floral like a rose & fruity like lychee  Palate: Pleasant airy & fresh. A little citrus, with a beautiful persistence of the rose. A fine and delicate body, a little sexy. A hint of bitterness in the finish. Reminiscent of Provencal aperitifs.
Recommended for: Seafood, crab, oyster, fish, smoked salmon. But also sushi, sashimi and non-spicy dishes

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