Le Guishu- Umami – 75cl


it is served usually cold, but in Asia some like it hot. It’s closest to the Chinese HuangJiu, which is commonly served there, with the :Shanghai Crab” also called “Hairy crab”. It is usually used during the fall. But le Guishu Umami is more Provencal, more on the fruits and not at all bitter.
Color: Amber yellow  Type: Semi Sweet Nose: Powerful and very complex. Lots of feelings reminding you good times and youth are invading you. The color and the nose make think that it will be sweet, but amazingly the mouth is very fresh and very balanced. The final is like a firework which never end.
Recommended for: Perfect as aperitif, but is very great with blue cheese or bitter chocolate without forgetting with foie gras either fresh or pan fried. The chef recommend with meat like duck both inbreast or lacquered. Sichuan hot pot is very fine. Avoid suit desserts.

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