Frozen macarons – 12 pcs


– Macarons – 12pcs –

Treat yourself and your guests with some French macarons for tea time or desert. Light, smooth and not too sweet, the Pasquier macarons are a deal for those in a hurry to eat this French delicacy.
This 12 pieces packs contains 6 flavours : Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Pistachio, Lemon, Raspberry.

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Ingredients : sugar, almonds, egg white, butter (milk), raspberry filling 3% (raspberry pieces, sugar, glucose fructose syrup, thickener: pectin, acidity regulator : citric acid, gelling agent : sodim alginate, cream (cream (milk), stabiliser : bitter, emulsifier : soya lecithin), eggs, maize starch, pasteurised dried egg white, pistachio purre: 0.9%, milk, colours; curcumin, plain caramel, beetroot red, anthocyanins, pistachio paste : 0.2% (pistachio 49.6%, sugar, syrup, water, natural flavouring), water, lemon concentrate preparation 0.1%, (lemon concentrate, acidity regulator : citric acid, lemond essential oil), natural barley (gluten) malt extract, coffee extract 0.1%, invert sugar syrup, thickener : xanthan gum, spirulina, cocoa powder 0.03%, natural vanilla flavouring 0.01%

Storage : -18°C

Directions for use : Defrosting 4 hours between 0-4°C.

After thawing, store 48hours at 4°C. Once thawed, do not refreeze

Nutritional information per 100g :
– Energy : 1857kJ or 444kcal
– Fat : 21.7g (saturated fat : 5.7g)
– Carbohydrates : 50.5g (sugars : 48.7g)
– Protein : 9.8g
– Salt : 0.2g