Red lentils from Italy – 500g


Red lentils are easy and fast cooking lentils. Contrary to green lentils they turned into thick puree once cooked. It is Ideal for soup or stew. Its lovely color and sweet taste will please your family, kids and guest!

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Tips : before use, rinse in water cereals, seeds and legumes, except for pre-cooked products. Store in a cool and dry place away from light

It may contain traces of cereals with gluten, soy and sesame seeds.

No need to soak. Rinse and sort through lentils to remove any unwanted material. Bring water or stock to a boil. To simmer lentils covered for 15 minutes or until desired texture. Cook for 10 minutes into the pressure cooker.

Nutrition information per 100g :
– Energy : 1444kJ or 345 kcal
– Fat: 2.2g (saturated fat : 0.4g)
– Carbohydrates : 59.1g (sugar: 1.8g)
– Dietary fiber : 10.8g
– Protein : 24.9g
– Salt : 0.02g

Origin : Turkey